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Message From The Founder

The Rani Re-Rolling Mills Ltd's Founder
(March 01, 1956 - October 01, 2018)

“Being a development-driven company,“The Rani Re-Rolling Mills Ltd.”, the steel manufacturing wing of RRM GROUP is characterized by its ability to create and develop steel industry opportunities. From the establishment period since last 25 years, RRM is optimizing its operations through quality based management and implementing new technologies. Further, to our successful historical milestones, starting from the promotion of an extensive supply platform for steel products, to the acquisition and then the expansion of Bangladeshi domestic market. RRM has been committed to deliver steel solutions characterized by our corporate heritage: outstanding professional expertise and absolute transparency.

Furthermore, sustainable economic growth is taking place in our country. So, it is expected that a booming construction period will be experienced in steel market during the next few years. We took a challenging and strategic decision to develop our corporate identity by entering directly into the steel industry. Our aim is to install high quality standard machines which will reduce the energy cost and environment friendly. Finally, our factory seeks to provide the best quality TMT bars to meet all the needs of the clients. RRM asserts our exclusive product ‘RANI TMT 500-550W GOLD’ is the best ever steel in Bangladesh. Though RRM is facing high competitions and challenges in the domestic market, we are determined to establish RRM as a market leader in the steel industry in Bangladesh.”